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An online academy housing women-specific certifications to help health and fitness professionals better understand, connect with, serve, and empower their female clients.

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The fitness industry has been
under-serving women for years.

The Coaching & Training Women Academy is changing that.

You’ve come to the right place if you:

  • Want to change women’s perceptions of their bodies and what they are capable of.
  • Are fed up with all the BS spewed by companies looking to profit off of women’s insecurities.
  • Have experienced your own health and fitness transformation and feel inspired to empower others.
  • Want access to body-positive, evidence-based information for you and your clients from world-leading experts.
  • Want to be a better coach and finally give women the coaching and care they deserve.
  • Work with women in your regular practice as a physiotherapist, labor and delivery nurse, nutritionist, doula, midwife, general practitioner, massage therapist, licensed clinical social worker—or any other healthcare provider—and want to better understand and serve their unique needs.

Powered by Girls Gone Strong, the Coaching & Training Women Academy is the beginning of a revolution that’s changing the way health and fitness information is presented to women, forever.

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Here’s what some of the world’s top health and fitness professionals are saying about the Coaching & Training Women Academy

“Providing healthcare providers and health + fitness professionals with the best available information to make decisions for their clients is a really important part of this certification.”

Asst. Professor and Researcher – University of Florida

“The GGS approach to coaching women is exactly what the fitness industry needs. If you train women or ever plan to, I recommend you learn from them.”

Founder – The Online Trainer Academy and The PTDC

“There is nothing else out there that takes all of the different aspects of health and compiles them together for a coach, trainer, or someone who works with women.”

Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecology – University of Illinois Chicago

“I believe so strongly in what Girls Gone Strong is doing. I have two daughters, and I want my daughters to grow up in a world with Girls Gone Strong.”

Co-Founder — Precision Nutrition

Our Certifications

Pre- & Postnatal Coaching CertificationThe CPPC is the world’s best online pre- and postnatal certification for fitness and healthcare professionals. You’ll master the skills, tools, and techniques to give your female clients the positive experience they deserve at all stages of their pregnancy — and long after they deliver.

GGS-1 Coaching Certification Our GGS-1 Certification encompasses all the aspects of women’s health and wellness. It covers the anatomical, physiological, and psychological aspects of working with women. You’ll master the skills, tools, and techniques to help your female clients heal their relationship with themselves and their bodies and reach their health and fitness goals in a sustainable way.LEARN MORE

What You’ll Get from the CTW Academy

Master the tools and techniques to give your female clients the space and freedom to choose their own goals — helping them to reach those goals, whatever they may be.

Gain the skills to help move the needle in the fitness industry… to empower women to be their best in health, fitness, and body autonomy.

Get real, actionable steps to level up your coaching abilities — and become the go-to expert in your area for coaching and training women.

“After helping thousands of women from around the world heal their relationship with themselves and their body, and helping them reach their health and fitness goals in a sustainable way, we realized that we can make an even greater impact on women’s lives.

The way we will do that is by educating the pros who work with them. We want to give them the skills to empower women and ultimately change the landscape of women’s health information.”

Girls Gone Strong Co-Founder and Woman in Charge

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